Florida School Board Member's Husband Has Extensive Criminal Record

  • By Chris Nelson. August 19, 2021. When she is not voting to force third graders to wear masks for eight hours a day, Pinellas County School Board Member Caprice Edmond is likely spending time with her criminal husband. According to the Pinellas County Clerk of Court's office, Edmond's husband Jabaar Jerome Edmond has an extensive criminal record which includes dozens of charges, at least twelve of them felonies. According to records, Edmond was charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death in 2002. He was also charged with two counts of felony possession of cocaine and sale of cocaine that same year.

    Most of Edmond's extensive list of charges spanning over two decades are traffic violations, including speeding in a school zone in 2019, which is ironic since his wife is a School Board Member. He was also arrested in September of 2020 for operating a motor vehicle with an expired license. Read the report here:

    According to the Pinellas County School Board website, Edmond's wife Caprice was elected to the school board in 2020. Her profile highlights her work in foster care and myriad committees she serves on. "Prior to her election to the board, she actively advocated for children in foster care and became their champion at school, in court, and at their group home." Read her full profile here: https://www.pcsb.org/Page/34780 Edmond is an advocate for the forced masking of all school children in defiance of state mandate. On August 14 she tweeted the quote, "I am pleased to report School Board Member Caprice Edmond is Valiantly pushing the Pinellas Board to take affirmative steps to mandate masks and protect the scholars in our district." It is unclear whether Edmond's husband wore a mask while selling cocaine or leaving the scene of a deadly car accident. After freedom advocate Jonathan Riches confronted Caprice Edmond on Twitter about her husband's charges, Edmond swiftly changed her account description from "Pinellas County School Board Member" to "This is my personal page" and locked her account. Under Florida law elected officials cannot privatize their official accounts.

    Jonathan Riches provided research for this article. Read Edmond's full criminal history here:

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