"Unvaccinated" Individuals BANNED from Being Poll Watchers in Broward County! READ LETTER HERE!!

  • By Chris Nelson. August 13, 2021. In a move to help ensure Democrat victories in 2021 and 2022, ultra left Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott has written a letter saying he intends to ban all individuals who have not received the Covid vaccine from being poll workers or poll watchers. "It has been determined that requiring all poll workers to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and it's variants is necessary to minimize risk to coworkers", the letter says.

    Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott

    Scott's letter references the 2021 special election for District 20, but if they get away with it this time you can assume their plan is to make this a permanent policy for all future elections. "In the Spirit of protecting you and our voters, all poll workers assigned to the November 2, 2021 Special Primary Election MUST show proof of full vaccination in order to work", the letter says (Read below) This power grab by CCP-backed Florida Rising anointed candidate Joe Scott will ensure almost all poll watchers and workers will either be Democrat or Democrat sympathizers. If the push to isolate and exclude people who will not take the Covid mark is allowed to stand unopposed, within a few short years the Democrat party will control all levers of power at all levels in the State of Florida. A plan has been put forth to address this type of discrimination by convening a Special Session of the Florida State Legislature IMMEDIATELY! (Read here: A Vision: What Must Happen to Secure Freedom in Florida) **UPDATE: SOURCES ALSO SAYING SCOTT WILL EXCLUDE UNVACCINATED FROM THE ENTIRE VOTE COUNTING PROCESS** Thanks to GOP State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli for exposing this. Read Joe Scott's letter here:

  • This is a violation of FL Statute / Law, which went into effect on 1Jul2021. Has this illegal action by the Broward Supervisor of Elections been reported to State Attorney General Moody? If not, it needs to be done immediately so that appropriate actions, fines and removals can proceed via the proper legal channels.

    In the end, this may require the Governor to deploy the State National Guard to ensure the rule of law in Broward County is maintained against this “decree” from a tyrannical leftist. I’d be happy to join the NG IOT to do so, but I don’t think they want an old veteran of 32 years of service.

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