The Hard Truth

  • Folks the American left, and right, are in fact one party owned and operated by and for Wall Street ( the Big Money Internationalists who in fact OWN this Slave Camp.) While we may openly have the appearance of a two party system, the fact that the same big money buys all significant factions that operate in politics, has ensured that we have a De Facto one party system. The people 'choose' nothing and merely SELECT from among candidates chosen for them. No matter which person wins this or that race over all the Moneybags win EVER SINGLE election as they CHOOSE who would be running with their money donations. This is the reality. This single party system, is internationalist, and has absolutely no loyalty to the common majority American in any way shape or form, having as its stated goal the end of diversifying our nations --diversifying being a euphemism for less majority citizens, and more foreign barbarians, whose sole purpose in the country are to drive down wages, lower standards of living, divide the majority, dilute and destroy our unique identity, and thereby insurer that we can never vote our way out politically correct serfdom to the one party plutocrat money bag system, which will have destroyed all these things we love. The one party system will if allowed its way, take our land, destroyed our heritage, break up our homes, and more generally make us homeless serfs, on the continent our fathers conquered. The one party system, both democrat and republican, promote political correctness and neoliberal economics, the democrats have an emphasis on political correctness and its social values, while the republicans place their emphasis upon neoliberal economics; however, they both to a lesser or greater extent support all political correctness and neoliberal economics.

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