• Hello Florida Freedom Fighters!

    Tomorrow, Tuesday July 27, 2021 at 10am, the Broward School Board will hold a workshop to decide if they will continue to suffocate innocent children with masks. The Superintendent's office recommends making masks OPTIONAL but that is NOT A GUARANTEE they will do this so WE NEED SPEAKERS! There are a lot of nonsensical ramblings going around the media about "variants" when in actuality this appears to be nothing but a seasonal bug. These ramblings have made the usual Medical Fascists start suggesting mandatory masks again. We say to them: NOT AGAIN! Join us for a rally at 9am in front of the Broward School Board, 600 SE 3rd Ave, Ft Lauderdale. There will be a SAFE and CONTROLLED Mask Burning at 915 so bring your kids! They love these things! The police are cool with it as well. We will go into the meeting at 10am. Sign up to speak at the door. Tell them you are there to speak about mandatory masks. You only have three minutes to speak so make it from the heart! Children who are suffering are encouraged to speak! It is time to stand up and say NO MORE FORCED MASKING IN BROWARD SCHOOLS!

    In Freedom,

    Chris Nelson

    PS: If you ABSOLUTELY cannot make it you can fill out an online comment about forced masking here (The Agenda Item is BCPS School Reopening Plan Phase 3):…MQUNKVjNXTEJZNlpUT0VMMC4u

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