Communist Backed Group Pushing Vaccines Door to Door in Florida

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    By Chris Nelson. July 16, 2021. Maria was putting her baby in the car and heading for work when she was startled by a woman standing in the driveway of her Hollywood, Florida home. The woman brazenly asked Maria if she had gotten the Covid vaccine. Maria replied that it was none of her damn business and got in her car and drove away. The woman was wearing a hat and t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Florida Rising". Maria knew the Biden Administration promised this would happen but it sounded like something that would happen in China, not Florida. What is truly startling is when you look into what Florida Rising is.

    A quick look at their webpage - - shows they are obviously a leftist organization. Raised fists and words like "Climate Justice" and "Reproductive Justice" are boldly printed. One of their stated objectives is to "Organize multiracial movements to win elections, change laws, and create a state where everyone can be safe, happy, healthy and whole."

    Then take a look at who is behind Florida Rising. Co-Executive Director Maria Mercado is praised for her work with a group called The New Florida Majority. As it turns out, Florida Rising IS The New Florida Majority, they just changed the name. Dig deeper and you find Florida Rising is controlled by another group called Liberation Road with direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party (Read about them here: In fact, one of their comrades named Steve McClure works with the Geography Department at Wuhan University (yes, THAT Wuhan University). Through a front group called The New Virginia Majority and using demographic data provided by McClure, Liberation Road was able to flip Virginia completely to Democrat in 2020. The once Red state now has both State Houses as Majority Democrat, a Democrat Governor, Majority Democrat Congressman, and two Democrat Senators (Read more here:…it-in-virginia-vote-flip/)

    Most recently Liberation Road worked to flip both Georgia Senate Seats from Republican to radical Democrat and now they have Florida in their cross hairs. This is not to take away the effects of Voter Fraud, but Liberation Road's well funded efforts to register new Democrat voters and getting them to use mainly mail in ballots were a HUGE factor in the 2020 elections. In Virginia they boast of registering 300,000 new Democrat voters. Another tactic used by Liberation Road is to change laws to allow for convicted felons to vote, which Florida did in 2018. This represents an influx of over one million new voters who will mostly vote Democrat. Florida Rising's second Co-Director is a woman named Stephanie Porta, former Director of Florida ACORN (remember them?)

    Florida Rising's Political Director is a radical dyed in the wool Communist and former State Senator from Ft Lauderdale named Dwight Bullard. He was famously photographed in 2016 in the Middle East with a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a designated terrorist organization, while on a trip with Black Lives Matter. Much of this information is thanks to Trevor Loudon who posted a video detailing his findings on Epoch TV last week. This is a MUST watch! (WATCH HERE:…to-socialism_3898007.html)

    In 2018 Florida Rising (then The New Florida Majority) backed their guy Andrew Gillum in the Democrat primary leading to a massive upset when Gillum won the nomination. Gillum was edged out by a mere 32,463 votes by Ron DeSantis who had the backing of President Trump. In an era of lockdowns and medical oppression, Florida stands as a beacon of hope to the planet. Liberation Road and their puppet group Florida Rising have it at the top of their list to stomp out that hope in 2022 and implement Communism in Florida, but many Republican leaders have never even heard of them. Last week, Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott was on a Zoom call with representatives from Florida Rising discussing how to get more minorities to the polls in 2022 and how to better use ballot drop boxes (contrary to popular belief, Florida WILL be using drop boxes again in the 2022 election).

    Now this group has become the Biden Administration's door to door vaccine pusher as well. If freedom is to survive in Florida, Florida Rising MUST be exposed and a plan to fight back must be implemented NOW.

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