Broward School Board to Decide on Forced Masking of Children!! CALL TO ACTION!!!

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    ***CALL TO ACTION!!!****

    The Broward County School Board will be deciding on whether or not to continue forcing students to wear masks in the 2021-2022 school year at their next workshop! WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK TUESDAY, JULY 27!! An Email from School Board Member Deborah Hixon confirmed they will be hearing public comment. That means we need to show up in NUMBERS to let them know how we feel about their bizarre policy that children have suffered under for over a year. Each of us will have three minutes to speak to the school board on this matter. PARENTS AND CHILDREN WHO ARE SUFFERING UNDER THIS INSANE MANDATE ARE STRONGLY URGED TO SPEAK! We will meet in front of the School Board Building at 9am on July 27 for a rally, 600 SE 3rd Ave, Ft Lauderdale. There is plenty of cheap street parking. BRING SIGNS AGAINST FORCED MASKING OF CHILDREN!! The workshop begins at 10am. Forced masking is the FIRST ITEM ON THE AGENDA! You do NOT need to register in advance, just show up and speak! CHILDREN ARE SUFFERING. WE MUST STAND UP FOR THEM. IT IS WORTH TAKING A DAY OFF WORK. IT IS WORTH YOUR TIME! Remember Matthew 18:6. Please share this far and wide!! See you July 27!! For more info contact Chris Nelson at 954-380-0200.

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