Ways to get around masks in Broward Schools

  • Broward School District confirmed they will take a doctor's note stating a child cannot wear a mask due to claustrophobia. Does anyone know of a decent physician, psychologist, ANY medical professional who would be willing to write one for my children who absolutely cannot, and should not, wear a mask to get an education?

  • My daughter has an IEP and gets panic attacks. I got a note but he would not explicitly state no mask. He works for Pediatric Associates and they won't even take my daughter anymore unless I vaccinate her more. Look up Medical Technocracy by Lee Merritt on Bitchute.

    Masks are very harmful...see pic. So many people are so brainwashed, they do not even think critically. Masks are the least of our problems. It's the Freemasons' supporting this agenda and most of them think it is a nice group that supports good things. If you want to know more, reply and I can send you a link that a whistle blower talks about it at the risk of his life.

    Here is one I am going to check out in Hollywood off Sheridan and 46th ave.

    Brian Cox

    Naturopath, NMD

    (754) 581-8972

  • No I have not been to him, but will in the future. Pediatric Associates where all my kids went will not see them anymore (recent) because they require vaccinated kids...corporation... I got them a religious exemption for vaccines. I use my chiropractor for health forms and my child is healthy. However, she just broke a finger so she has to go to a bone doctor tomorrow.

    I did get a letter though from her Pediatric Ass doctor for exemption but he said he could not explicitly state no mask but it did say that it could exacerbate her condition...panic attacks. She had a pre-existing and an IEP. I have a meeting with school about the mask letter tomorrow. They may make her stay home to learn. I am wondering what they will do.

  • There is a chiropractor writing mask exemptions in Broward. He was on the news and people are lined up getting them. Google it.

    BTW I think exemption is a big deal because my daughter said someone from school said Oh you're the one...and something about the mask.

    It is an issue and I might have to homeschool her which will be difficult but not impossible.

    Any doctor doing the exemptions will be ridiculed and not many are willing. Find an old school one ready to retire...

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