Trump Resort Requiring Vaccine Papers to Take Off Mask! (EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS!)

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    By Chris Nelson. July 3, 2021. The Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter is requiring employees to show Covid vaccination papers if they want to go maskless. In an email to Spa employees obtained exclusively by Free Florida, Spa & Leisure Director Charlotte Housego writes: "If you are fully vaccinated and do not wish to wear a mask, please provide me with your proof of immunization. If you have not been fully vaccinated, you will still be required to wear a mask, to protect both yourself and our members." (Read email below). Attached to the email is an FAQ from the management which states employees are not required to take the shot. However if they want to work without a mask they must "voluntarily" show vaccination papers or papers showing they have Covid antibodies (Document attached). Another section of the document appears to endorse medical segregation. It reads: "Effective July 1, 2021, your supervisor will maintain a list of team members who voluntarily proved their immunization status. These team members will be booked (if available) whenever a patron request service with a vaccinated service provider." The document did not say if a patron could request service from an unvaccinated team member. This policy could not be implemented without effectively revealing confidential medical information. A call to Trump National revealed that club members are not required to mask or show vaccination papers. Memberships at the Spa begin with a $21,500.00 initiation fee and $6,471.96 annual dues. A Full Golf Membership begins with a $75,000.00 initiation fee and a $22,892.52 annual fee. It is illegal in Florida to require vaccination papers to enter an establishment, however many corporate employees are being coerced into getting the shot with the promise of clean oxygen and a mask free shift. This is creating a rift between the wealthy elite class who are free to go maskless and the working, servant class who are still forced to mask. This was on display in April when Governor Ron DeSantis and the Palm Beach Commissioners appeared maskless at the opening of Delray Beach Market while the high school band members behind them were forced to mask up. According to a source speaking on condition of confidentiality, the Trump National Jupiter Spa is managed by WTS Management as of last year. "Last year Eric Trump [President Trump's son] let WTS manage it. It has been a mess ever since." Free Florida has reached out to the Trump Organization for comment and will update this story if a response is received. All referenced documents are attached below.

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