"Get Out of Florida!" Fauci Greeted by Angry Mob in Tampa!

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    By Chris Nelson. June 24, 2021. Senior White House Coronavirus advisor and monumental scumbag Dr. Anthony Fauci visited Tampa today to push vaccines. As he arrived in a fleet of armored vehicles with a massive police escort a group of protesters greeted him with chants of "Get out of Florida!!!" and "Say no to Fauci!!" Fauci joined Jill Biden at an event at the Amalie Arena in the wake of a wave of skepticism about his coronavirus vaccines. Reports of heart problems, disruptions in menstrual cycles and deaths of people who took the shot have managed to seep through the Internet censors in the last few weeks. This among other factors have led to Biden being nowhere close to reaching his goal of having 70% of the US population injected by July 4. The protest was quickly organized by Freedom Activists Jonathan Riches and Justin Harvey. Watch videos of the protest here!

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