Florida Lab Finds Bacteria, Deadly Pathogens Inside Child's Facemask (SEE ACTUAL LAB REPORT)

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    By Chris Nelson. June 23, 2021. "Wearing a mask will not harm your health even if you are sick with a cold or allergies." This is the answer that pops up when you Google "Are masks safe?" "When you wear a mask you protect others as well as yourself," is what the CDC website says. For over one year Americans have endured a steady stream of pro-mask propaganda coming from nearly every mainstream outlet, politician, and washed out former celebrity. Many of us have endured harassment and arrest for refusing to wear one. Children have been forced to wear them for hours on end at school and even in gym class and recess. Obnoxious Public Health Officials, Commissioners and Mayors, School Board Members and Superintendents have pontificated about the safety of facemasks and lectured us ad nauseum about the selfishness of refusing to wear one. All the while they are frequently caught on social media not wearing masks themselves. But a truth-seeking group of Florida parents decided to question the narrative and find out for themselves. They sent their child's used mask to the University of Florida for analysis. This is a SHORT LIST of the bacteria and pathogens they discovered after examining a square of the mask: acenetobacter baumanni which causes pathogenic pneumonia, blood stream infections and meningitis, streptococcus pyogenes which causes strep throat, mycobacterium tuberculosis which causes pathogenic tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus which causes minor skin infections to life threatening pneumonia, neisseria meningitidis which causes pathogenic sepsis and Rickettsia Rickettsii which causes pathogenic Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. The report noted that not all bacteria are pathogenic and harmful but the ones that are were highlighted. READ THE FULL LAB REPORTS HERE: https://alachuachronicle.com/mask-reports-from-lab/

    A copy of the lab report is attached below.

  • I am totally against the Orwellian mandates and want to put pressure on Broward school Board who reversed the mask choice wearing.

    I am looking to join a local group to educate people about the damage masks do and more. The physical and mental harm is worse than Covid and we are the ignorant ones...who have actually done research??? I was looking for that video from Osgood so I could use her own ignorant words against her. I think she said there are no studies that masks are harmful. Who elected her? Dominion???

    I saw the Target video and that raised alarm but also awareness.

    BTW I am in Ft Laud. South area.

  • I've always known mask were a problem. Working in construction, you have to wear mask at times. And, yes, it becomes hard to breathe and eventually you start breathing more and more of your own carbon dioxide.

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