Laura Loomer Calls Ilhan Omar "Clitless", Defends Osama bin Laden's Niece

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    By Chris Nelson. June 17, 2021. Shots fired on Telegram! Activist and Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer took to the free speech app today to blast Minnesota Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D) calling her "Clitless" and to defend Osama bin Laden's Niece Noor bin Ladin who Loomer Calls her friend. A video of bin Ladin on a boat in Switzerland with a "Trump Won" flag went viral yesterday. Twitter world erupted, calling Noor bin Ladin a terrorist and tying Trump to Osama bin Laden. "When one side has the support of a deceased terrorist's niece, who plotted the bombing of 9/11, they've truly lost the moral ground on any issue." said one comment. Another read, "So Osama bin Ladin’s family supports Trump?!" Loomer wrote on her Telegram: "Hilarious how the Democrats are slandering my friend Noor Bin Laden as a terrorist because of who her uncle is. Meanwhile they have no problem rallying around inbred, clitless, Somali ingrate Ilhan Omar who is a full blown Islamic jihadist." Loomer went on,

    "Ilhan Omar belongs in Gitmo with daily sessions of water boarding for the treason she has committed against the US by supporting Islamic terrorism." Loomer says a doctor in Minnesota who knows Omar told her that Omar had undergone a clitorectomy. According to a 2021 report from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Omar's home country of Somalia has the highest Female Genital Mutilation rate in the world with 98% of women having their clitoris removed. It is considered a religious requirement in many Muslim communities and prevents women from experiencing pleasure during sex. Loomer also called Omar's marriage "fake" saying, "No sexually active western man would 'have an affair' with or marry a woman with no clit. Affairs among married people are all about external sexual gratification. If I was a western man, I wouldn’t touch a pro-FGM woman with a ten foot pole." Loomer posted a link to a New York Post article about Omar giving massive amounts of money to her husband's consulting firm calling the marriage a "money laundering operation".

    (Read:…firm-878000-filings-show/). Loomer added that Noor bin Laden "Isn't even a Muslim". Free Florida has reached out to Ilhan Omar for comment and will update if she replies.

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