Source Hair Salon / Ft Lauderdale

  • Hi All,

    I've been kicked out of Source Hair Salon in Ft Lauderdale last week because I didn't want to wear a mask! I told them that there's no mask mandate in FL or even in Broward anymore. But the business owner refused!!! I wrote a bad review on Yelp and he replied back saying that not all staff is vaccinated and he's waiting for them all to get the jab. That means this nasty tyrant idiot is forcing his staff to get the vax which is actually against the law. Not only he violated state and constitutional law but he also violated ADA regulations by discriminating me and he refused to provide service to me because I didn't want to cover my mouth. Please boycott this salon. I need all your help. Please write reviews online. He gets all negative reviews on Yelp removed. I keep writing and he gets it removed. My friend wrote and he got it removed too. And we wrote nothing abnormal or rude. I don't know how he does it, but Yelp removed all our negative reviews. This person is a tyrant. :cursing:

  • I understand your anger. I can't help but think that nudging us to hurt the business by not patronizing it and/or leaving bad reviews is kinda pointless. If I ever wandered into such a place I'd just leave anyways. And making a bad review saying they require masks is probably free advertising to sheeple who would actually go there for just that reason. Now that we have options it's better to just leave, they know why you're taking your money elsewhere and it leaves a mark.

    Same thing happened to me just last week in Supercuts at Federal and Sunrise. I made an appointment online, when I walked in they started with the face diaper BS. I said "you're still doing that?" rolled my eyes and turned to the door. As I was walking out they were apologetic. The way things are now I'm not going to give them a hard time. The employees are following company policy, and I want to be able to go there at some future time with no hard feelings. So my girlfriend cut my hair that day :)

    I'm not like that at the post office though, their bungholes twitch when they see me walk in.

  • There is actually many salons that do not require any COVId restrictions anymore. Tispy salon off Altanic Blvd delray, Saltlight salon in Lake worth I use both those services and no issues. I noticed Yelp removes bad reviews if they are just about coivd restrictions and not about the services of the businesses.

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