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    Parents have many concerns these days regarding their children’s education;vax shedding, masks, curriculum.

    A bunch of Mama’s in PBC are thinking about putting together a safe coop and wanted to mirror a concept of the local outdoor coops.

    Depending on the number of kids, 1 teacher for every 6 kids and 1-2 parents that would to rotate. Meeting 1-2x a week for 4 hrs each day or so. We are planning on interviewing some teachers to ensure their views align with ours. (@Staci Levine you be interested in teaching around us?)

    Ages would range from 2-9 and might be able to drill down to small age gaps depending on how many are interested.

    Location is up in the air but a gated option would be in a mamas gated community where they have an outdoor cover seating area and gated covers playground for recess. Mostly likely be around South Palm Beach County.

    Prices would probably range from $300-$400 depending on how many days a week and how many interested. These prices are based on what it costs to attend a similar style school. If you have any questions or interest, please let me know.

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