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    By Chris Nelson. May 17, 2021. Florida Freedom Loving Governor Ron DeSantis has CHECKED recently elected Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor Jr. In a letter obtained by Free Florida (attached). Governor DeSantis makes it clear that he has granted a sixty day reprieve from prosecution to Mike and Jillian Carnevale, the former gym owners who were arrested three times and ultimately lost their business due to Broward County's absurd power grab last summer. The Carnevale's were surprised on Fox News "The Ingraham Angle" last Tuesday (Read here: **UPDATED*** DESANTIS GRANTS REPRIEVE TO MIKE & JILLIAN CARNEVALE ON LIVE TV!) when Governor DeSantis granted them reprieve on live TV. The next day Gov DeSantis issued an executive order granting clemency to anyone charged with a non violent offense related to restrictions imposed by local governments due to the fake pandemic for 60 days. He promised the Florida Clemency Board would back up that order and grant permanent clemency within that 60 day time frame. In spite of this, Broward County State Attorney Harold Pryor Jr, who appeared on a "Black Votes Matter" voting card with Plantation Commissioner Dale Holness and white Judge Natasha DePrimo (See card below)., who signed the Carnevale's 24 hour eviction notice last October, put out a press release to the media saying he will continue to pursue the case until an official clemency order is issued. Pryor did not make this press release public not did he send it to the Carnevale's attorney Cory Strolla. "If he had a shred of decency he would have sent it to me," said Strolla. Knowledge of Pryor's stance was learned third hand through media reports (See here

    ). Not only did Gov DeSantis issue an order, but he also wrote a letter to Pryor (attached below) telling him to "dismiss all pending charges against Mike & Jillian" and "At the next meeting of the Florida Clemency Board on June 16, 2021, I fully intend to expand on these actions by proposing a statewide, categorical grant of a full pardon to any individual or business who has been or could be arrested for, charged with, found guilty of, or convicted of, subject to a withhold of adjudication for, subject to a plea of guilty or nolo contender for, or otherwise subject to a criminal sentence or penalty for all non-violent offenses related to local government Covid-19 restrictions." In other words, "IF YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN THE MESSAGE YET, FLORIDA IS FREE!" Governor DeSantis' full letter is attached. Since Pryor has not fully read the writing on the wall and demands Mike and Jillian appear for court tomorrow, there will be a rally at 930am tomorrow, May 18 in front of the courthouse to support the brave couple (Read here: **RED ALERT!!*** RALLY FOR MIKE AND JILLIAN CARNEVALE!!!)

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