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    By Chris Nelson. May 5, 2021. Governor Ron DeSantis will make an appearance in West Palm Beach tomorrow, May 6, 2021 at 7am at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport, 150 Australian Ave, West Palm Beach. As usual this event, hosted by Club 45, is a highly guarded secret with the flyer instructing to "Please Do Not Post This Announcement to Social Media". Most of DeSantis' events are carefully guarded from public participation and happen with little to no announcement except to the local communist news media, party insiders and Democrat Commissioners. Desantis has done great things this week to Free Florida from over one year of tyrannical reign but still has yet to issue an order to free school children from brutal forced masking and distancing policies they have endured under his tenure. If you would like to voice your concerns here is your chance. Signs should read "FREE THE CHILDREN" and "END FORCED MASKING ON CHILDREN". The event is sold out but DeSantis typically scurries in and out through the back door so he will see you if you position yourself there.

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