Broward County Commissioner's office says "We don't care what the Governor says", hangs up on callers, library still insisting on masks

  • Yesterday morning I called my local library to confirm I can now take my kids there without a mask (we don't wear masks, so they haven't been in ages), and I was told the mask policy is still in place due to the Broward County mask order. After explaining that the mask order was suspended, I was directed to the main library administrative office, which also told me they will continue to require masks in all public libraries until they hear differently from the Broward County Commissioners office. I then called the Broward County Commissioners office, where an insanely rude woman screamed at me that “We don’t care what the Governor says, we are trying to save lives, and the mask mandate will stay!”. When I attempted to explain basic civics to her, and inform her that they do not have authority to override the Governor, the woman told me “The Governor is a piece of sh***, he doesn’t care about people” and hung up on me. My husband also called, and what I’m assuming is the same woman told him “We don’t care what the Governor said, you do whatever the hell you want” and hung up on him. Clearly, Broward did not get the memo that their tyrannical policies must end. I did e-mail the governor's office, but I'm sure everyone else is as well so of course I didn't get anything back outside of an auto-reply. Any other ideas? Please keep calling them, I am astounded that this is the way the person representing the Broward Commissioner's office speaks to taxpayers.

  • It seems everyone forgot that DeSantis removed (suspended) Sheriff Scott Israel. He could easily do the same again with Palm Beach and Broward County mayors. Just curious why he chooses not to as these two mayors have defied his orders for over a year now.

  • It’s called Home Rule. The commission can run their facilities as they choose. Don’t like South Florida? Move to north Florida…. Real simple

    Sure teach your kids to be a$$holes in public like a library. Great parenting. I can see your an embarrassment to your kids

    Yes, but they can not break the law or emergency order mandates. That is my issue.

  • Update on my saga - I went to the Sheriff’s office where the clerk at the front desk asked her Sargent, who said that cities have the right to make their own mask policies regardless of what the Governor said. I explained to her that this is not how the law works, and she said “Well, you clearly know more about all of this than I do, all I can tell you is what the Sargent just told me”. I will be calling the Chief in charge of that precinct this week (Cooper City) to ask him why his officers are ignorant of the law. Oh and they still have a sign on their front door stating that under the Broward emergency mandate, you must have a facial covering in order to enter (I did not wear one, of course). We have to keep pushing back against this willful ignorance of the law.

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