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    By Chris Nelson. April 29, 2021. Pasco County School Superintendent Kurt Browning has done a 180, saying he "misspoke" when he told the school board his forced masking policy hinged on Governor DeSantis' State of Emergency order. On April 5, Pasco County lifted their mask mandate, but Browning took to Facebook and stated, "I cannot in good conscience abandon our health and safety protocols at this time." Translation: "I will continue to force small children to reinhale their own carbon dioxide for eight straight hours a day for the foreseeable future so a teacher doesn't catch the sniffles." The following day Browning shifted the blame to Governor Ron DeSantis stating he "heard the outcries and that his intention is to lift the mask mandate at the end of April when Governor DeSantis lifts the State of Emergency." He then wrote on April 6 in a written statement on Facebook, "The authority of Pasco Schools to require masks is dependent on whether or not Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order is extended beyond the expiration date of April 26. If the Executive Order is not extended, the district will have no choice but to make masks optional." Free Florida was the first to cover the story (PASCO SCHOOLS ADMIT! "AUTHORITY TO REQUIRE MASKS DEPENDS ON STATE OF EMERGENCY") Now, two days after DeSantis renewed his State of Emergency order (Read: RINO!!! Governor Ron De$anti$ EXTEND$ $tate of Emergency Continuing Forced Masking on Children), Browning is doing a complete 180. In a video posted to Facebook on April 28, Browning days that he "mis-spoke" when he told the school board his forced masking policy hinged on DeSantis State of Emergency. This is in spite of the fact that his verbal statements were later backed up by a written statement meaning Browning also "mis-wrote". In the two minute video Browning says he went back over school board policy and says "the policy indicates the superintendent can require masks at times of emergency". He continued, "in this situation where we have a pandemic, that is an emergency... we will continue requiring masks in our schools of our students, our staff and our guests that come into our campus." Browning failed to lay out parameters for what constitutes an emergency but CNN says we are in one so that apparently is good enough. Browning went on, "I apologize for any confusion I may have caused" (apparently due to his posting one thing, then weeks later posting the exact opposite). "I want to make it patently clear that my decision to require masks for the remainder of the school year is not, has not ever been dependent on an order from the Governor." He ended by saying that most people emailing him angry about his mask order were "just confused" by his stating it depended on the Governor's order and "now I am doing something totally different." (Watch the video here:

    ) Browning has been a government bureaucrat his entire adult life. According to Wikipedia "Browning's political career began in 1975 when he started working in the Pasco County Supervisor of Elections office. In 1980, he was elected as the Pasco Supervisor himself, as a Democrat. At 22 year old, he was the youngest county elections official in Florida history. He served in that position for 26 years, until his appointment as Secretary of State" Browning was Secretary of State to Governor Charlie Crist from 2006 to 2010. He then resigned to comply with state pension laws but was reappointed by Governor Rick Scott from 2011-2012. He was elected Superintendent of Pasco County Schools in 2012 where he has been ever since. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Browning "a retired Florida secretary of state and county election supervisor had received a $426,897.40 DROP payout — his accrued monthly pension payments over that time, plus interest — soon after his April 30, 2010, retirement. He also began getting his monthly pension payment of $7,273.29 at that time." Browning now draws a $137,835 per year salary in addition to his pensions from previous governmental posts. Cited posts are attached.

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