EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS! Broward Schools Teaching Pro-LGBTQ, Anti-White, Anti-American Propaganda to Children as Young as Kindergarten

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    By Chris Nelson. April 23, 2021. On the heels of the arrest of Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie, Free Florida has been provided with documents showing a troubling pattern in school curriculum. On the basis on anonymity, a teacher with a Broward Schools has provided documents that show a racist, anti-American and pro-LGBTQ curriculum is being taught to children as young as kindergarten. "Broward County School Policy Board Policy MANDATES (emphasis added) that "diversity" be promoted in the classroom," reads an email from a Broward Elementary Principal. (The name has been verified but redacted). "Diversity is expressly designed as being inclusive. An inclusive curriculum can include but not limited to, literature written by LGBTQ authors, history including LGBTQ public figures, discussion of families including LGBTQ parents, recognition of LGBTQ events or history months. Our students will be exposed to literature and the discussions centers around how it takes everyone to make our community great!" the Email concludes. According to the source within Broward Schools, the District does not believe it has to inform parents of this type of curriculum because they label it "diversity". This curriculum includes pro-LGBTQ children's books like "Pride" by Rob Sanders which celebrates the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to office in California. Milk had a romantic relationship with a 16 year old boy named Jack McKinley when Milk was 34. The source provided screen shots of other books they will be required to teach students next semester which include vicious Anti-American, Anti-White, Pro-Marxist, and Pro-Witchcraft titles. One is called "The Beautiful Struggle" a memoir by Ta-Nehisi Coates. In the description, Coates says his father was "committed to raising proud black men equipped to deal with a racist society". Another is "Into the Streets" by Marke Bieschke described as a "visual voyage through resistance in American history which include "LGBTQ demands for equality, Black Lives Matter Protests and George Floyd protests" (somehow the Tea Party made it on that list as well). The Anti-American books are plentiful including "You Call This Democracy?" By Elizabeth Rusch which talks about "Issues with the Electoral College and Voter Suppression", "Undocumented: A Worker's Fight" by Duncan Tonatiuh, "the story of immigrant workers who have come to the United States without papers". The list includes books that attack the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment including "Fault Lines in the Constitution," by Cynthia Levinson and Sanford Levinson, "The Second Amendment and the Fight Over Guns" by Hana Bajramovic promises you will "discover the truth about the Second Amendment and the NRA" and "Glimmer of Hope, the official Definitive Book from the March for Our Lives Founders". Books celebrating voodoo and witchcraft are also on the docket for the fall semester including "American Street" by Ibi Zoboi, "a lyrical exploration of America with magical realism and voodoo culture". The days of learning about young Ben Franklin appear to be over. Supporting screenshots are attached below.

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