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    By Chris Nelson. April 19, 2021. It is that time again! The Florida State of Emergency signed by Governor Ron DeSantis on March 9, 2020 and continued every sixty days for the last 13 months will expire this week. That is unless the Governor renews it again which would extend it to 15 months of being under a state of emergency. This is by far the longest state of emergency in the history of the state. Free Florida broke a story April 6 where the Pasco County School District Superintendent admitted the school districts will be forced to drop their mask mandates if the State of Emergency expires. (Read here: PASCO SCHOOLS ADMIT! "AUTHORITY TO REQUIRE MASKS DEPENDS ON STATE OF EMERGENCY") This confirms that the mask mandates in Florida are being fueled by Governor DeSantis' State of Emergency. ***CALL TO ACTION*** Now is the time for this State of Emergency to END. The mask mandates in Florida rest on Governor DeSantis' shoulders. If he renews the SOE, he is in effect renewing mask mandates. LET GOVERNOR DESANTIS KNOW THIS WILL BE UNACCEPTABLE AND DETRIMENTAL TO HIS RE-ELECTION EFFORTS.

    Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

    State of Florida

    The Capitol

    400 S. Monroe St.

    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

    (850) 717-9337

  • Yes! don't comply - that is the best way to fight this.


    Written correspondence is part of public record, but emails are not. It's worth the stamp, send your correspondence in the real mail.

    Make sure to explain:

    There is no definition of when 'the emergency' is gone.

    I think after one year, & 99.9 percent survival rate, it's safe to say all the predictions were wrong and it was a massive overreaction. To hear someone publicly say otherwise is indicative of delusions and mental illness. OR proof of a criminal cartel operation masquerading as legit.

    "When we get the level of infection very low" is not a measurable definition.

    What evidence are they using for a basis for those definitions?

    Are we going by the death rate, hospital occupancy, or those inaccurate PCR tests? Of course they are going by the inaccurate tests. There's no flu anymore either, by the way. Someone needs to face these frauds and expose how it is the opposite of scientific. They have no measurements!

    The 'cases' are simply irrelevant because it is not indicative of serious illness, because healthy people are testing false positive.

    Go by total death numbers and we'll see how bad this illness really is, and if it qualifies as "a large percentage" another non-measure. It's only a health emergency if we can all measure it. Otherwise it's actually called disease mongering.

  • He likely will not end the emergency with the vaccines only authorized for "emergency use" - He'd probably be in fear for his life! He needs to be sued to force him to end the state of emergency on the grounds that there is none. I think we should join the movement but I've found it difficult to get others interested. People are just too complacent or satisfied with doing things that prove not to work such as , writing, protests, and petitions which have proven to be a waste of time. We need to stop spinning our wheels and be more strategic!

  • Which stores?

    Cherry Blow Dry and Marcella Boutique at Harbor Shops and a stupid clothing store on Las Olas. The woman at Marcella was the nastiest. There was nobody in the store other than me and she literally yelled at me saying I was not following the law and said get out. I tried to explain to her that there is no mask mandate in FL but she said no and insisted that I have to wear mask when I leave my house. LOL She is a total idiot. I wrote bad reviews about it everywhere I can. Manager at Cherry Blow Dry said their hair dressers don't feel safe and don't want to do my hair. :)) They are sick every week and I am never sick but they don't feel safe next to me. What a joke!!! I never wore mask there before. Try going to a clothing store in Las Olas. They hand you a mask and if you don't comply, you are forced to leave. I am really so sick of this.

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