"A moral obligation to warn people about the danger they face"

  • "Mike Yeadon is a soft-spoken microbiologist and a former Vice President of Allergy and Respiratory Research at Pfizer. He spent 32 years working for large pharmaceutical companies and is a leading expert on viral respiratory infections. He is also a man on a mission, and his mission is to inform as many people as possible about the elite powerbrokers that are using the pandemic as a smokescreen to conceal their real objectives. Here’s Yeadon in a recent interview:

    “If you wanted to depopulate a significant portion of the world, and to do it in a way that wouldn’t require destruction of the environment with nuclear weapons, or poisoning everyone with anthrax or something, And you wanted plausible deniability, whilst you had a multi-year infectious disease crisis; I don’t think you could come up with a better plan of work than what seems to be in from of me. I can’t say that’s what they’re going to do, but I cannot think of a benign explanation for why they are doing it.” (“Interview with Dr Mike Yeadon“, The Delingpole Podcast; Minute 44: 25)


    It's an excellent interview, I highly suggest listening to what he says. More quotes:

    “It’s become absolutely clear to me, even when I talk to intelligent people, friends, acquaintances … and they can tell I’m telling them something important, but they get to the point [where I say] ‘your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death and that of your children,’ and they can’t begin to engage with it. And I think maybe 10% of them understand what I said, and 90% of those blank their understanding of it because it is too difficult. And my concern is, we are going to lose this, because people will not deal with the possibility that anyone is so evil…

    “But I remind you of what happened in Russia in the 20th Century, what happened in 1933 to 1945, what happened in, you know, Southeast Asia in some of the most awful times in the post-war era. And, what happened in China with Mao and so on….

    “We’ve only got to look back two or three generations. All around us there are people who are as bad as the people doing this. They’re all around us. So, I say to folks, the only thing that really marks this one out, is its scale.

    “But actually, this is probably less bloody, it’s less personal, isn’t it? The people who are steering this … it’s going to be much easier for them. They don’t have to shoot anyone in the face. They don’t have to beat someone to death with a baseball bat, or freeze them, starve them, make them work until they die. All of those things did happen two or three generations back… That’s how close we are.

    “And all I’m saying is, some shifts like that are happening again, but now they are using molecular biology.”

    And a link to another article about the same interview https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/pure-unalloyed-evil/

  • I disagree. I don't believe there's planned effort. This is what I think is driving this thing:

    1. General ignorance/stupidity, the sheer number of these morons is incredibly larger than what I've come to know already up to this point in my life.
    2. The media/it's employees, always looking for shock value and ratings, no matter the ultimate cost.
    3. Sheeple fear, due to #1 and #2.
    4. People in position of leadership.. See #1, and/or they want to secure reelection and so cater to the majority and/or they don't want to be held accountable for "not doing anything about it" or "doing the wrong thing" so they go with the course of action accepted by most so they can always deny responsibility if shit goes sideways.
    5. Some people and businesses stand to profit greatly from this situation. Incredibly even though their family and close friends are as affected as the rest of us, they're willing to tough it out (temporarily) for personal gain.
    6. Cult mentality. Due to #1 we have the Covidian religion now and some people actually feel comforted to belong. Another segment are the truly "evil" ones in this scenario. They're those who never had power over anyone or anything in their life, and now they relish having been handed the opportunity to virtue signal and impose themselves on others. These are the employees at Publix and Home Depot, and customers, who harass people that don't participate in the charade.

    IMO that's plenty enough to drive this thing without getting into conspiracy theories. It's just like YTK, Anthrax, Mayan end of the world etc. The difference is people like myself were able to laugh those off, now we're all affected. This inevitably needed to happen, so it will not happen again, maybe.

  • Please research the idea of a Technocracy, it is sadly not a conspiracy theory.

    There are mainstream books with verifiable facts, Patrick Wood has some extremely well documented and researched books on the subject. I suggest everyone read them for the sake of liberty. Technocracy is a scientific dictatorship, to vastly oversimplify. This is already being done through public private partnerships and non-governmental organizations (that none of us voted on) to make public policy. It's a global idea implemented on a local level.

    Technocracy and covid goes perfectly with the green movement fake environmentalists, the smart cities, the big tech, big Agra, and big pharma in cooperation. All the heads of these organizations are believers in depopulation, and they widely advertise it and give lectures on it. None of this is hidden or conspiracy. You can look up the policies on intentional population reduction.

    The media gets upwards of 80% of advertising money from big pharma, come to your own conclusions. All of the major media outlets in the world are owned by 5 companies, who are owned at the top by monopoly capitalists who pretend to be fabian socialist, these people look at the masses like we are stray cats and they admit it. There is no real news anymore. Just right/left dialectical divide and conquer the masses.

    Evil persists when good people do nothing. Do your own research first before you make up your mind to believe that it's all simply political. Although, I hope you are correct and I am wrongly assuming greedy and wicked people are in positions of power.

    The person giving that interview is the former Vice President of Allergy and Respiratory Research at Pfizer, perhaps he isn't just giving crazy end of the world predictions, perhaps he sees medical tyranny coming.

    If you read the interview, and even the quote above, he talks about how people don't want to believe other people can be that evil. But we know from history that people can be evil.

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