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    My name is Chris Nelson and I am on a mission to expose the TRUTH and to fight against mask mandates, forced masking of children and forced vaccinations. I call out politicians on their hypocrisy in order to serve humanity. Please chip in so I can continue my work! Thank you! 🙏


    CashApp: $ReOpenChris

    Venmo: @ChrisNelsonFL

    Email Chris at

    Thank you and I love you all!


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    Thank you for all you do Chris you forgot to mention that you are also our cheerleader and educator! You are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our rights and motivate us all to keep pushing and fighting! We will happily donate towards this cause!

    I’d also like to get a go fund me going to get those trucks driving around the state like the ones I shared from California. I think it would help more people throughout the state fight! The more people that stand up and fight, the sooner this ends.

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