Compulsary high school FSA test no mask accommodation

  • My daughter is 15 years old "attending" her first year of high school at Fort Lauderdale High. She's been doing the online thing. The reason is we don't do the mask nonsense. At this time she has do the FSA test which must be in person. I called the school and told them she doesn't use a mask, then when pressured told them for medical reasons and asked how they can accommodate her. I was told she needs to get paperwork from a doctor about her condition. I told them her personal health information is none of their business and that I will not be providing them with any such thing. They then said they'll contact some department to find out what can be done. I'll update this when I know more. None in my family have put on a face diaper nor will do it.

  • Asthma, COPD and many psychological diagnosis' counter-indicate any sort of masking. *If they choose to go this HIPPA violation route,* you can simply point out to them that "your family has been traumatized enough and you will not be triggering your child into a potentially life threatening reactive situation by gagging her because they can't find a spare room for her to sit alone in to complete their public school garbage." Or something similar, you get the idea.

    Side note, homeschooling has been made so much easier and self-directed in the last few years, this is something that all public school districts are required to accommodate. There are many free options out there that would put her in a better position for post-high school life and/or education with little set-up, paperwork or monitoring from you.

    The difference between what they are trying to do and how 'homeschool' would work, from your end, is essentially non-existent. From their end, they lose all sorts of government funds for every kid whose butt isn't in one of their seats. Virtually or in person. Screw them.


  • Can you give me an example please

    Yes! I will preface this response by making it clear that I homeschooled my 4 kids a decade ago before we had any of the options that exist now. While there are a multitude of "K-12 Online" opportunities (as I'm sure anyone can Google), the one that I would suggest from personal experience is the K-12 branch of Liberty University (link included, below). Having attained my degrees from their post-secondary branch, I can assure that, inasmuch as they are a Christian school, they are absolutely all about considering all points of view and teaching students to form their own opinions and positions from ethically sound logic and facts, not from any kind of political or relilgious bubble that leaves kids unprepared for 'the real world'.

    I am positive that they aren't the only game in town, in exactly the same way that our local public school districts are also not your only option.…=email&utm_campaign=71976


  • Westcoast_Ginger Thank you. Is there a tax credit we can get for not having the child in public school that we can use to pay for the option you linked to?

    I do not have that information. I do know that when we homeschooled, there was no such thing. We paid for all books, activities, memberships in museums and science centers, zoos, rock climbing clubs, camping trips, etc., etc., everything came out of our pocket and it was still less expensive than the annual fees the public school charged for books, supplies, field trips, sports, etc.


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