Mask Fine Tossed Due to Medical Exemption!

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    By Chris Nelson. March 24, 2021. Last month on February 19, myself and my girlfriend Nicole went before a magistrate in Broward County. Our charge? Failure to wear a facial covering in Target. You may remember our flashmob from Sept 15, 2020. Watch here:

    We were both mailed $100 fines and challenged them. Thanks to Del Bigtree and The Informed Consent Action Network, Nicole and I were provided with Attorney Jessica Wallace of Siri & Glimstad without charge. The hearing was in person and dystopian as ever. We were forced to wear masks in spite of medical exemptions. We were harassed by security and threatened with Tresspassing at our own hearing for taking our masks off. The county attorney was well prepared. It was as if we were on trial for our lives, not a small fine. The county attorney argued zealously against us and even played the above video in the hearing! Attorney Jessica Wallace argued that Governor DeSantis Order 20-244 nullified any fines over forced masking. The magistrate tossed all logic and mastery of the english language out the window and upheld my fine. When it was Nicole's turn, Wallace argued for a medical exemption. Nicole has multiple doctors notes documenting migraines she suffers from forced masking. After a hard fought battle w the county attorney, the magistrate sided with Nicole and tossed her fine. A victory for all people with PTSD, migraines, epilepsy and a desire for oxygen! Jessica filed my 32 page appeal last week. Watch news coverage of the hearing and accompanying rally here:
    Informed Consent Action Network included our case in their Legal Update included below. If you are facing unjust charges, fines or discrimination and need legal help contact Attorney Jessica Wallace at Siri & Glimstad (845) 709-2867.

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