Vice Mayor Flouts His Own Covid Rules at Charity Ball in Palm Beach

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    By Chris Nelson. March 10, 2021. Palm Beach County. "Rules for thee but not for me" is the mantra in Palm Beach County Government. In a March 8 Facebook post, County Vice Mayor Robert S. Weinroth posted pictures of himself and several others at a Charity Ball at The Breakers Palm Beach over the weekend. People were seen maskless and not social distancing. Palm Beach County currently has a mask mandate in place that is set to expire mid March but will likely be renewed again as it has been every month for nearly a year. On February 19 Florida Governor Ron ReSantis held a rally for his supporters at the Palm Beach Airport Hilton. Here are some of the headlines that followed from the South Florida democrat media echo chamber: Local 10: "Hardly any masks worn at Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis event, hotel gets warning", Sun Sentinel: "Hotel slapped with warning after hosting maskless DeSantis event", WPTV: "Palm Beach County Investigating After Gov Ron DeSantis Speaks to mostly maskless crowd in West Palm Beach". Palm Beach Commissioner Melissa McKinlay even chimmed in like she usually does saying, "It's unfortunate that there was a blatant disregard for our community's safety today as photos emerge from the governor's political rally at the Airport Hilton. It isn't that hard to wear a mask to keep others safe." The hotel recieved a warning that they could be fined $15,000 per maskless person by the County if it happens again. But when it comes to Weinroth there has been no outrage from McKinlay or the local media. When asked about Covid violations at the ball which was held Saturday March 6 by Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options (JAFCO) and featured entertainers and ironically the slogan "Let's all breathe again for our children", Weinroth replied on Facebook with a link to an article from CNN titled "Vaccinated Americans allowed to Taste Freedom." The article tauts new CDC guidelines that tell vaccinated people they can do things like congregate together and hug their grandchildren.

    Palm Beach County's Order 2020-12 states: "Facial coverings must be worn by all persons, other than those specifically exempted in Section 4e. while obtaining any good or service or otherwise visiting or working in any business or establishment, including entering, exiting, and otherwise moving around within the establishment." So far it does not make an exemption for people who received the mRNA shot. "Cannot vouch for the kids. All adults were vaccinated," said Weinroth. He said he and his wife have their cards but he said he did not ask see anyone else's. I reported the event to Palm Beach County's Covid Compliance and Education Team and will update on the status. I also reached out to The Breakers Resort for comment but have not heard back as of today. Screen shots from Weinroth's post are below.

  • It seems more divided our govt becomes, the more corrupt it becomes. Palm Beach County's Covid Compliance and Education Team can care less about Weinroth, they are more interested in controlling me and you, the working people.

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