Are you an anti-vaxxer?

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    Am I an anti-vaxxer? This is a question I started to consider only after covid. I was never before against vaccines in general. Except when it comes to dogs, I know for many years already that yearly booster vaccines are a scam, and vaccinosis is a real problem.

    I will not vaccinate myself and my children. I don't trust vaccine effectiveness in general. I believe there is a potential for injury, and potential for long term bad effects including changes to the way my immune system works naturally.

    However I'm not against others getting vaccinated, as long as that doesn't put pressure on me or my children to be vaccinated. I would not compel anyone (if it was within power) to not get vaccinated, they may not trust their immune system the way I do mine. I can deal with general pro vaccine propaganda (just ignore it as I do with many things in society). But will not tolerate direct/targeted efforts to pressure me to vaccinate.

    To those of you who have been in this fight longer than me I ask: Does this make me an anti-vaxxer according to the mainstream definition of the term? I just want to define my stance.

  • I have no problem with most vaccines. I would not get the Covid-19 vaccine. I know too many people that had problems with it. They made guinea pigs out of people by scaring them with this virus, which is no worse than the annual flu, for which I also never get a shot. Keeping vitamin D level up and getting exercise works a lot better than some so called vaccine that does more to make people sick.

  • DrAnalog I agree, just because someone avoids the Covid vaccine, they are not an anti-vaxer as the media portrays. There is not one single Covid-19 vaccine licensed for use, they are all approved for experimental use only. Also, why is a vaccine needed for a virus that over 99% of the people survive without pernament damage and which is highly treatable with therapeutics.

  • I am a healthcare professional and I was never against vaccines either until covey...anything that has to be marketed, that starts to become trendy (ie posting your vax card, taking a selfie getting jabbed, wearing an "i got vaccinated" sticker etc.), or becomes "in-style" or cool is PURE BS!!

    The term "anti-vax" is BS in and of itself. How does this math add up- you choose to improve your natural immune system by exercising, eating healthy, and abstaining from abusing drugs and alcohol = probably a very healthy individual. To keep your body clean, you decide your body can fight a virus with a 99% survival rate, so you decline the jab = anti-vaxer. Those individuals are not the ones who tax the healthcare system, so why do we penalize and label them??

    Yet the obese population, drug users, baby killers, smokers are the ones taxing the system and we say NOTHING about that. It's all backwards.

    I too could care less if others want to get vaccines, but this mandate is out of control. We need to somehow organize against is before it's too late. Once we submit to vaccine passports freedom is over as we know it!

    I digress

  • Greetings, my name is Michelle and I've done a good amount of research about the history of vaccines. What was called variolation (for smallpox) was brought to Europe by Lady Montague from the Ottoman Empire, where the protocol was completely different. The process was voluntary for wealthy Ottomans, and many scholars believe variolation had been around for millennia, from ancient China to India and the near East. Lady Montague imported the process to her home back in England, so The Royal Society could see it performed and witness the effects. The disgusting cow pox vaccine (vacca = as in cow) that Jenner created afterward was totally different, and damaged untold numbers of babies. The brainwashing about how vaccines saved the world is so strong, mainly because of the claim that smallpox was eliminated by the use of vaccines.

    In truth, smallpox and other communicable diseases decreased because of the modern plumbing and sewage systems in the past few hundred years, and over all improvement in cleanliness. There's a great book called Dissolving Illusions by Doctor Suzanne Humphries that explains this in detail. Her videos on youtube are also fantastic

    there's one lecture called 'vaccines forever' which is where we're headed
    as well as her honesty vs policy videos.

    The medical monopoly we have now, our monster of big pharma, American Medical Association, and the cdc, all comes from Rockefeller money. The same financial interests are making the medicine AND making chemical warfare, as well as poisoning our environment and food supply. Chemical fertilizers for example come from petroleum products, they aren't healthy for anyone. The history of the CDC? It started as a Rockefeller funded malaria control program, a giant black hole for our money to disappear into. Money is the bottom line, of course money and power. When a private corporation teams up with the government it is actually called economic fascism and taxation without representation. None of us voted or decided on this! Big government and big business team up to control the citizens, a total inversion of the way it's supposed to be. As someone who is conservative-minded it took a major shift in my thinking to be able to see how private companies don't really care about their customers, and they are also the ones supporting much of the black lives matter communistic ideas. Ask yourself why private companies want to be communist? Because communism/socialism is nothing more than a wealth transfer ideology at the heart of it.

    There's the entire 'playing god' problem these medical tyrants have as well... because our modern allopathic medicine comes out of German Alchemy. Every year it's estimated that 250,000-450,000 people in the USA die from medical mistakes, a number that is higher than the covid one year usa death statistic.

    My mother and sister in law rushed out to get this experimental gene therapy injection that is masquerading as a vaccine. I failed to explain the dangers and they are now human experiments, and this is heartbreaking for me.

    The crying wolf scare tactic on the news caused a phobia of a specific disease, it is a mental illness called Nosophobia. The media has been doing nothing but Disease Mongering for the past year. 80% of the news advertising budget comes from big pharma, come to your own conclusions. Can we fight it? I don't know, but I am trying to educate as many people as I can to try to help them make their own informed decisions. But brainwashing works on a level below logic and executive functions, brainwashing is emotional and that it why logic bounces off the brainwashed people. I'm reading about cult deprogramming now, I'll share what I learn.

    My best advice, please stay healthy. Learn about natural immunity and true health. Stay out of the medical system as much as you can. Read Dr. Mercola and other medical Doctors who know something about natural health too. Take Vitamin C and Zinc, get sunshine or take Vitamin D. People and animals get sick when they are in poor conditions, stressed, deprived of nutrition and sleep. Take care of yourselves. You were born to be here at this time in this place for a reason.

  • And the people like us who don't want to be injected with experimental gene therapy will be blamed for covid persisting or whatever lie they come up with... so get ready to be pressured and hated if you don't submit.

  • Beigemcnabb I don't know...all I can say is that no one is coming to save us. We have to stand up and stop complying with mandates and lockdowns. I was looking into contacting the local Florida organization called Florida Against Mandated Insanity (, but again, it doesn't appear that anyone is actually doing anything. Signing petitions and talking about info is great, but we are literally sitting by watching our freedoms disappear.

    We need clean, civil, organized representation at the local government levels- we are f'd at the federal level. Pushing back on those "officials" and telling them to stop the nonsense. So yea, I am not sure what the solution is!!

  • Masks and (many!!) vaxx have no PROVEN benefits, but many proven counter-indications for a vast percentage of humanity. IN THAT, they are pseudo-medical, (prophylactic at best) *experimental* medical treatments.

    Under the bounds and definitions included in the internationally agreed-upon Nuremberg Code (1947), no one can be 'forced' to submit. Otherwise, those forcing submission are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

    I am definitely Anti-Vaxx/Anti-Mask; myself and my family members have had sufficient pre-Plandemic experience with pulmonologist, neurologists and other medical specialists to instantly recognize all of the psyop non-medical fear porn that has been flooding the uninformed general public.

    No, it's none of anyone's damn business what my doctors and I have discussed as the diagnosis' or treatment plans for them that have made both masks & vaxx heavily counter-indicated for my (very common!!) potentially life-threatening conditions.

    The facts are out there, if you choose to educate yourselves and not be swept into the whirling vortex of hogwash. I'd love to come out on the other side with more living friends than dead ones.


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