Sabatini Announces Run for Congress but Which District?

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    March 8, 2021. By Chris Nelson. Freedom-loving Central Florida GOP State Rep Anthony Sabatini announced his run for U.S. Congress today, but in which district? Since it is a census year, the process called "redistricting" will happen by December that will likely create brand new Congressional seats in Florida due to population growth. This will open up many new opportunities for ambitious politicians all over the state. Running in a brand new district means they will not have to face an incumbent who save a huge scandal, has a massive advantage. Is Sabatini planning to take on Webster in the GOP Primary? Sabatini resides in Howey-in-the-Hills which is in District 11, currently occupied by Rep. Daniel Webster who is also a Republican. Webster put out a statement on Facebook today saying:

    "Last week, Rep. Sabatini called me to say he was running for Congress, but that he did not intend to run against me. Today, he has chosen to file his paperwork for Congressional District 11 instead of another district. I never take reelection for granted. I work hard every day to serve my constituents and campaign hard every election." A screen shot of the post is attached. There is no indication on the Florida Elections Department website yet if Sabatini has filed paperwork to run in District 11 but his website indicates that he is running in District 11 (Screen shot attached). Since Webster won re-election in 2020 he will not be up for re-election again until 2022 but his district could look different by then. Sabatini says it will not be called District 11 after the redistricting process in December. "11 until December, then it changes," said Sabatini. "I will be running in the new district." What do we know for sure? Sabatini is running for Congress. Which district? We are not entirely sure yet. Will he win? Let's just say I would not want to be his opponent in a GOP Primary. See Sabatini's ad here:

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