Broward Judge RECUSES HIMSELF After He Is BUSTED Disparaging "Anti Maskers"

  • By Chris Nelson. March 4, 2021. Broward County.

    A Broward Judge has recused himself from a custody case after an audio recording of him went viral. In the recording, Broward Judge Dale C. Cohen is heard scolding mother Melanie Michael Joseph and telling her that both her and her son must get the Covid vaccine to resume their normal visiting routine. Cohen first stripped her of her visitation rights to her son Logan citing a Facebook post where Melanie is seen sitting in a dentists office maskless with her legal registered firearm on her hip (photo below). Cohen also told Joseph that she would be forced to wear a mask when visiting her son. The official court document and the Facebook post are attached. Listen to the audio from Judge Cohen and an interview with Melanie here:

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