My Email to Governor DeSantis

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    February 16, 2021

    Dear Governor DeSantis,

    Thank you SO much for not being a fascist dictator during the so-called pandemic. I mean that. You are a rock star. I voted for you and will certainly vote for you again if you do the following things:

    1) END THE STATE OF EMERGENCY. You declared a state of emergency in March, 2020. It is up for renewal in two weeks from today. This will be a YEAR of operating under a state of emergency. We are no longer in an emergency and have not been for about the last 50 weeks.

    2) END MASK MANDATES. "We do not have a mask mandate in Florida", you may say. If that is the case then why are 3 law abiding supporters of yours facing a magistrate this Friday in Broward County to fight a ticket for "failure to use facial covering"? Also children are literally suffocating to death due to mask mandates within the school system. You have the power to end it. Please do so.

    3) FULLY REOPEN THE STATE AND RESTORE LAW AND ORDER IN FLORIDA. I believe the Clown Disease Center (CDC) refers to this as "Phase 4". And promise to never allow Floridians to be put through the nightmare we have endured for the last year under your watch ever again.

    Thank you for listening.

    Your Fan and Florida Resident,
    Christopher Paul Nelson
    Ft. Lauderdale

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  • Yeah I think this letter worked because that is when Destanits resend the fines, arrests etc however they are still abusing the power by using trespassing as loophole. The pcr test should be outlawed for covid testing....I am actually getting better at navigating without a masks now at first I was a little anxious

  • Actually, I think DeSantis acted on one of the earlier letters. Nonetheless, DeSantis could do more to rein in the south county mayors. And I agree, the so called "Gold Standard Covid Test", aka PCR test provides plenty of false positives to control the narrative.

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