Anyone Else in Indian River County?

  • The county has a mask mandate for employees, none for the general public. In Sebastian, the city I live in, they recently passed a resolution to end the mask mandate for employees so in general there is no mask mandate here. But they DO have a mask mandate for both employees and the general public in city buildings. The last time I went to a City Council meeting they made those of us who refused to wear a mask sit outside - that was their accommodation. Ridiculous! Of course those who wore a mask to go into the meeting were allowed to remove it after they sat down. They a have tape around each chair like farm animals. Apparently Covid doesn't cross over the tape. Lol And yes the school district is being sued but I think they are suing under the wrong premise. They are suing under parental rights but I think they'll just say itls an emergency. This is why I think the only way is Pam Poppers' "Make Americans Free Again" - Just need to figure out how to get more people in Florida to sign up and get involved. Seems a bit overwhelming but I think this is the only way. I'm tired of spinning my wheels not getting anything accomplished.

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